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Swiss Acupuncture – The Qi

Sylvie Wyler, Acupuncture Therapist, Lausanne-Vaud
Diploma, Ministry of Higher Education, Quebec


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Qi (energy)

Qi is an important fondamental and essentiel concept but it is complexe and therefore difficult to translate.  It is often translated as energy, life force or vital force but I shall use the word « energy » as it the most frequently adapted meaning for Qi in our society.

What is Qi ?

Qi is responsable for all the dynamic and metabolic life activities induced by the interdependance  of yin and yang.  This activity helps all phenomena and every human being to grow, develop and change.

Therefore energy is the key to the maintenance of good health.

The 5 functions of Qi :

  • Transforms
  • Mobilizes
  • Warms
  • Protects
  • Contains

Acupuncture mobilizes the patient’s own energy to enable him to restore the balance of yin and yang and regain his health .

On insertion of the needle the patient may experience a very slight tingling or swelling sensation or a very mild electric discharge.  This is caused by the mobilization of the energy.

This sensation comes and goes in a flash.

The Chinese often use descriptive images to portray the flow of Qi as in the image of the river and its tributeries where the water flows freely.  Likewise the energy in the meridians should flow with the same fluidity.

The meridians are the channels through which energy flows; in the image above the water represents Qi.

The river and its tributeries represent the meridians.     Tél: +41 (0)21 646 54 66