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Sylvie Wyler, Acupuncture Therapist, Lausanne-Vaud
Diploma, Ministry of Higher Education, Quebec

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Chinese Acupuncture which is a very ancient form of alternative medecine treats the whole person, physically, mentally and spiritually .

Therefore, during the first consultation the acupuncturist will ask you lots of questions about yourself. Everything is taken into consideration : lifestyle, eating habits, physical exercise and the workplace etc.  Following the interview, the acupuncturist will feel your pulse on both wrists and observe your facial colour and tongue.  This will enable her to make the diagnosis.  She is seeking to diagnose the underlying cause of your energetic  imbalance.  Acupuncture restores energy balance by promoting the inner self-healing  mechanisms of the organism.  

Acupuncture seeks to restore the yin-yang harmony of the body.

It may be appropriate to  use a combination of Chinese and Japanese acupuncture at the same consultation; for example if you suffer from neckache, shoulder pain, insomnia or heartburn.     TÚl: +41 (0)21 646 54 66