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Sylvie Wyler, Acupuncture Therapist, Lausanne-Vaud
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NADA (National Addiction Detoxification Association)
Explanation and details of the method

The acupuncturist inserts fine gauge, sterilized needles  into five designated points in both the outer ears, just under the skin.  The needles are disposable.  The patients relaxes in a chair for about 45 minutes either in a group setting or individually.

These five ear points are standard points for the treatment of dependancy, anxiety and post-traumatic stress.

NADA has been shown to be effective for :

  • Substance abuse
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Patients in a recovery programme or in the process of detoxification
  • Patients who have relapsed with the classical treatments
  • Patients suffering from anxiety, sleeping disorders, nightmares, agitation and stress
  • Patients suffering from psycho-emotional disorders
  • Prisoners
  • Anyone suffering from acute stress

The NADA method is easy to apply, inexpensive, accessible and compatible with other cultures, countries, religions and societies.

The method can be carried out by professionals in their own healthcare settings after sufficient training ad hoc.  

The NADA  method used today is the result of many years of clinical development and practice.

It is a low-threshold treatment (the person is not obliged to be abstinent)


Clinical Effects


  • Relaxing and reduces stress
  • Alleviates anxiety
  • Calms the craving for the substance and the symptoms of withdrawal
  • Improves vitality

1  Shen Men
Calms the mind
Improves the sleeping pattern, reduces the frequency of nightmares and dreams

2   Sympathetic
Calms and relaxes the body
Diminishes pain

3   Kidney
Important for detoxification
Helps to maintain the willpower and the determination

4   Lungs
Assists detoxification
Helps to overcome the need for the substance

5    Liver
Important for detoxification
Stabilizes impulsive behaviour     TÚl: +41 (0)21 646 54 66